Our Network Leaders

Our Founder


Apostle Clifford E. Turner 

Apostle Clifford E. Turner is the founder  of all Liberty Temple Full Gospel Churches, with eight locations nationwide and many others around the world.  Apostle Turner also oversaw the fellowship of churches, businesses, and ministries that include a spectrum of endeavors. 

Our First Lady & Overseer


Elect Lady Darlyn C. Turner 

Lady Darlyn is wife of our Apostle the late Apostle Clifford E. Turner Apostle & Lady Darlyn help build and establish the Liberty International Network as we have today.

Senior Pastor & Overseer


Apostle Sheraine Lathon  

Apostle Sheraine is the senior pastor who is over our mother church in Chicago,IL. She has served faithfully under the leadership of the late Apostle Turner for many years.

Local Leader


Our Pastor

Elder Larry Perez 

    Elder Larry Perez is a minister, whose passion is teaching and seeing the lives of men and women changed for the good. Larry is constantly pursuing ways to minister to the lost, through Drama, ministry Street ministry, Bible Studies, Homeless shelters or Prison ministry. Larry Perez has a story to tell about transformation, Perez grew up in uptown Chicago where he was a former gang leader of the notorious Harrison Gents and was responsible for kill- ings, drug trafficking , destroying his own neighborhood and so much more until he was caught with drugs and sent to prison.


    Larry Perez's life took a drastic turn when he was released. Larry's new life journey began when he started attending Liberty Temple Full Gospel Church of Chicago on the south side where he met Pastor/Founder and Overseer Chief Apostle Clifford E Turner and his wife Pastor Denise. The couple along with his wife at that time Patricia Perez, was instrumental in him com- ing to Christ. Larry was nurtured to life and health with unconditional love.


Larry Perez became the lead actor (Antonio, Cue) in the Emmy Award Win- ning TV Drama series "The Awakening" written and produced by Apostle Clifford E Turner which depicted the real side of inner city life. He has trav- eled all over the Country doing stage productions which were responsible for saving many inner city youth, men and women. Larry was ordained an Evan- gelist in 1990, the served in the prison ministry for over 20 and have helped to win thousands to the Lord through drama and teaching. Evangelist Perez served in various positions in the Church for over last 27 years.


Larry attended LOGOS Ministerial Training Center in Chicago, IL. Perez relocated to Orlando to serve in one of the Liberty International Network of Churches, Liberty Temple Orlando he has since been ordained and Elder and is now leading the Ministry.


Elder Larry Perez's desire is to work with those coming out of prison helping them regain a place back into society. Larry, is presently continuing education in Leadership development and working on his life project "The Larry Perez Story." He is a dedicated father of 6 adult children and 

14 grandchildren.